10 Comics Walk Into A Church (DVD)


Just ten minutes each from ten different Crown Comics proves there’s more than one way to get a laugh. From the laid-back Michael Jr to the high-octane Bob Smiley, from the ascerbic John Branyan to the plain-tawkin’ momma Anita Renfroe – and hour-and-a-half from this crew will leave viewers with some new favorite comedians. Trailblazing veterans Ken Davis and Kenn Kington deliver award-winning routines. Middle-east comic Nazareth explains how, since 911, he suddenly feels so Mexican. Newcomers Jonnie W, Marty Simpson and Clayburn Cox prove the next generation plays second fiddle to nobody in bringin ‘down ‘da house. The excerpts are from: “Laughing on Purpose” by Michael Jr; “Sweet Laughter” by Nazareth; “Breaking Bob” by Bob Smiley; “And I Mean That In The Best Possible Way” by Anita Renfroe; “Long Awkward Pauses” by Clayburn Cox; “Fully Alive” by Ken Davis; “Smoking Hamsters” by John Branyan; “Clean If It Kills Me” by Marty Simpson; “Live At Franklin Theatre” by Jonnie W; “WOW Moments” by Kenn Kington.

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SKU (UPC): 622306021192
Artist: Crown Entertainment
Media: Video DVD
Released: November 2018
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