Gracious Walk : A Path That Leads To Purpose And Fulfillment


In this enjoyable book, Raymond Peeples shares his journey toward personal transformation and fulfillment-a path he started walking on Good Friday many years ago. That day, hurting, confused, and wondering if there was a better way to live-he stepped inside a church in Rochester, Michigan, and called out to God for help. After accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior, his life was changed forever. At that grace-filled moment, Raymond was removed from the “center” of his world, a position he gladly relinquished to the Lord Jesus. Now, his life revolves around fulfilling the will of God and touching the lives of others with God’s wondrous grace. Thus, you have the title of the book, Gracious Walk.

The stories in this book will make you laugh, warm your heart, enlighten you, and inspire you to serve God and be a blessing in the lives of others. Most of all, each story will be a stone in the path that leads to that ultimate goal for all of us, seeing Jesus face-to-face and dwelling in His presence forever.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781949297119
ISBN10: 194929711X
Raymond Peeples
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2019
Publisher: Deeper Revelation Books


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