Its A Wonderful Life 70th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray (Blu-ray)


George Bailey lives a simple but unsatisfying life in his hometown dreaming of adventures that he’ll never experience. He’s a good man and carries on as head of the savings and loan that serves the town’s working folks. He proves his moral mettle by refusing to sell out to a predatory banker even though the transaction would finance his wanderlust. One Christmas Eve, George unexpectedly finds himself in financial crosshairs with the odds overwhelmingly against him. He contemplates the ultimate exit of suicide, but a guardian angel’s intervention reveals the true value of a life lived well. George reclaims the spirit to carry on and rushes home to find that the goodwill he invested in his hometown has paid off in wonderfully surprising ways.

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SKU (UPC): 032429251657
Produced by: Paramount Pictures
Binding: Blu-ray Disc
Published: 2016
Publisher: Word Entertainment


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