Live Original DayBrightner


DaySpring Inspirational DayBrighteners are undated flip calendars, packed with 366 pages of daily wisdom, affirmations and Scriptures just for you. You’ll be encouraged every day of the year.

Sadie Robertson believes that although she could try to fit into “the world,” fitting in is not the most important thing. What’s important to Sadie is living the way God says to live. God tells us how to live because He wants us to have good, happy lives. If you are a teenager, a young adult, or someone simply looking to make the choices that will lead you to your best, original, God-designed life. In Sadie’s Live Original flip calendar you will be inspired by her message of self-confidence and positivity everyday.

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SKU (UPC): 0081983722936
Sadie Robertson
Binding: Spiral Bound
Published: February 2021
Publisher: DaySpring


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