Lost Art Of Leadership


The Lost Art of Leadership: Modeling, Mentoring, Multiplication Effective leadership is the key to the future for America and the church. Biblically based leadership has become a lost art. Effective leadership accomplishes the organizational goals, while developing the people. It produces more leaders and it produces optimal results with minimal frustration. As proven, Biblically based leadership principles have given way to trends and “get it quick” schemes, the tragic results have been obvious in business and ministry: frustrated staff members, low productivity, a lack of personal initiation, and no sense of responsibility. Leaders are frustrated, yet they have failed to see that Christian terminology does not equate to scriptural approach. Leadership in America is in a crisis, but God’s Word has the solution. In The Lost Art of Leadership, Dr. James B. Richards draws upon his extensive leadership experience in both the corporate and the Christian spheres. For over thirty years he has proven that the time-honored, spiritually based leadership principles in God’s Word work — in family, church, and every area of the corporate world. The Lost Art of Leadership is a book of solutions. It is a much-needed guidebook that explains not only the principles, but also the mechanics and techniques of effective leadership. Dr. Richards will introduce you to three aspects of great leadership: modeling, mentoring and multiplication. Do you want people to take ownership of their job? Do you want people to learn the task and do it with excellence? Do you want more freedom to pursue the dream while the team works? Do you want to be surrounded by effective leaders who get the job done? Do you feel like you have to be there to get the job done right? Are you worn out with solving all the problems? Would you like more creative input from your team?

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SKU (ISBN): 9781943852147
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James Richards
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2005
Publisher: MileStones International Publishers


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