Prayer Demystified : Uncovering The Secrets To Life Changing Prayer


Life is filled with many challenges and the unavoidable fact is that problems are going to arise and how we react is directly related to how we have prepared before the problem ever happens. By developing a strong prayer life and confidence in the Word, we can be prepared to prevail. Prayer Demystified is organized like a roadmap, beginning with defining the what and why of prayer and moving into how to pray using word pictures and practical examples of prayer. Prayer Demystified is for new believers because it answers so many nagging questions such as Why do bad things happen? and provides a series of word pictures that explains the concepts of prayer using ideas we are already familiar with. It s also for lifelong believers because the concepts are timeless. The appendix contains page after page of Scriptures organized by subject matter so that they can be easily applied to specific areas of life.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781939570482
ISBN10: 1939570484
Chuck Strohm
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2015
Publisher: Word and Spirit Resources, LLC


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