Scout Camp (DVD)


Starring Shawn Carter from High School Musical, Scout Camp is a family comedy about the traditions and antics a Boy Scout troop experiences during a week at camp. When the Fire Dragon patrol and their supportive Scout Master, Kerry (Kirby Heyborne, Heaven Is Waiting), head to prestigious Camp Rakhouta, they expect to have the time of their lives. However, when the legendary “Team Spirit Stick” goes missing, the entire tradition of the camp is threatened. Now, the Fire Dragons, led by York Hayes (Carter), must do whatever it takes to find the stick, return it, and restore the legacy of the camp.

Written and directed by Garrett Batty, Scout Camp is a humorous DVD full of truths about a time-honored tradition. The DVD features an original soundtrack, including the hit song “Born to Be a Scout” by Alex Boye.

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SKU (UPC): 095163884246
Media: Video DVD
Released: February 2012
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