Seasons Of Refreshing Winter


“Nothing is quite as beautiful as freshly fallen snow. The frigid temperatures accentuate the shimmering blanket as the sun reflects off individual flakes as uniquely fashioned as each new day. The shortened days of winter give the earth a rest from its labor, allowing it to resupply its store of nutrients to support the next growing season. Without the rain and snow, there is no seed for the sower and no bread to the eater.”

Seasons of Refreshing gives us a daily opportunity to pause and consider the greatness of our God, even while the world around us hibernates. Without winter, springtime could not produce the unparalleled beauty of new blossoms, which eventually lead to hearty harvests.

Note from the author:
Nearly two decades ago I began writing devotions and sharing them with friends. It wasn’t long until daily readership was in the thousands-and readers bemoaned one missed day of Today’s Devotion. Seasons of Refreshing – Winter is a compilation of the very best of those daily devotions. While each season is unique, so is each season of life with which God has blessed us. Seasons are a gift from God through which we see His handiwork and His life-sustaining power at work around us and within us. It is my prayer you come to gain a greater appreciation for winter and its parallels to life in the day of ordinary people seeking to know our extraordinary God. May the unique purpose of winter offer precious and fulfilling Seasons of Refreshing while savoring a few worshipful moments in the presence of our Lord. –Jan Ross

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SKU (ISBN): 9781943852338
ISBN10: 1943852332
Jan Ross
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: August 2016
Publisher: True Potential


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