Truth War Workbook (Workbook)


This Workbook is written for those who desire a closer walk with God and sincerely want to know how to avoid the pitfalls of New Age philosophies and other false doctrines with which they are confronted on a daily basis. Of all the biblical principles that Christian theology encompasses, truth is the key principle profoundly under attack in the Church and in our post-truth/post-Christian culture. The Truth War workbook helps participants assess truth and honesty in their daily walk and instructs them how to take the necessary steps to avoid the trappings of the enemy and achieve that deeper more fulfi lling walk with God they desire, fully able to discern truth from error.

The Truth War workbook includes “Spotlight on Truth” end-of-chapter summary questions, a “Twenty-One Days to Truth” lesson plan,”and a “Forty-Two Day Journey of Truth” journal, in addition to reviews of “The Red Thread” from Part 1-5 of the book Truth War, Scripture reading lists, and various tables contrasting and comparing truth and error. These resources will help participants:

*Understand the importance of truth and honesty in daily life;
*Make the crucial choice between serving God or serving mammon;
*Become sensitive to the voice of God and to others;
*Break old habits;
*Form new habits;
*Form a new lifestyle;
*Give placement and meaning to what they have learned; and
*Discern truth from error.

It is my prayer that this workbook will assist participants to recognize the necessity to walk in truth and honesty to live a fulfilled life in Christ, to avoid the deceptive trappings of this world, and to have clear vision to lead others out of darkness and into His marvelous Light.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781949297843
ISBN10: 1949297845
Marsha Rano
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2023
Publisher: Deeper Revelation Books


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