WatchWord Bible Complete New Testament


The New Testament as you’ve never seen it. Ten years in the making. Shot on location.

Combining word-for-word narration from the Contemporary English Version, beautiful scenes from the Holy Land, and original music, this innovative tool makes discovering the Bible even more compelling and easier to understand. Ideal for personal or family devotions, Sunday school classes, Bible study groups. 12 DVDs in a single case. Approx. 26 hours

The Gospel of Matthew (196 min.)
The Gospel of Mark (124 min.)
The Gospel of Luke (207 min.)
The Gospel of John (145 min.)
The Book of Acts (193 min.)
The Book of Romans (89 min.)
The Books of 1st & 2nd Corinthians (142 min.)
The Books of Galatians-2nd Thessalonians (135 min.)
The Books of 1st Timothy-Philemon (61 min.)
The Book of Hebrews (69 min.)
The Books of James-Jude (104 min.)
Its uses are almost endless.

The WatchWORD BIBLE(R) New Testament belongs in every home, church and library!

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SKU (UPC): 827912040555
Translation: Contemporary English Version
Language: English
Color: Full Color
Binding: Video DVD
Published: February 2002
Publisher: Christian


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