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The book of Revelation is one of the most rewarding books to study in all Scripture. But the problem for many today is that they have no idea what the book means or how to determine what it means. Follow the Lamb goes a long way in helping the student of Revelation grasp its richness and heed its exhortations. Dalyrmple’s guide provides key principles in reading Revelation responsibly. The first key is that the book is about Jesus-his supremacy and sovereignty. The second key is that the language and images used in the book of Revelation derive from the Old Testament. Though many readers get caught up in the mire of John’s imagery and efforts to discern what the symbols mean, this principle simplifies the search for meaning. Each chapter in Follow the Lamb concludes with an important For Further Study section, making it an ideal resource for individual or group study. These questions and exercises and reflection guides make personal application of Revelation meaningful and rich. The book of Revelation contains an important message for the people of God, both then and now-namely, that the people of God must emulate Jesus and faithfully proclaim the kingdom of God, even to the point of death. This means they are called to “follow the Lamb wherever He goes” (Rev. 14:4).

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SKU (ISBN): 9781941337943
ISBN10: 1941337945
Rob Dalrymple
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2018
Publisher: Weaver Book Company


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