You Are Loved


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When an expecting parent exclaims, “You are loved!” to their baby before the baby is born, a delightful, almost magical, bond begins to form. We call it Prenatal Tummy Love! Join in, Moms and Dads and start reading aloud to your precious babies before they are born, using their own names if you have chosen one. * Research shows that reading aloud to your baby is extremely important because it’s shaping your baby’s brain – growing new connections at the amazing rate of 700 each second. That’s right, 700 new connections per second. No one knows for sure to what extent this phenomenon occurs in the months before birth. * Our goal is to help moms and dads discover the powerful magic of reading aloud to their babies before they are born and to continue reading to them after birth.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781943925162
ISBN10: 194392516X
Gary Benfield | Illustrator: Chris Sharp
Binding: Boards
Published: February 2018
Tummy Love Prenatal
Publisher: APG Sales and Distribution


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